this is what they called getting old…

1983, Me at 9th month

1987, Me and Cerem

1988, Cerem while losin his half:D

1988, Me, Yasemin, Arda, Cerem

1989, TED 1st Grade

1989, TED 1st Grade (Me;bottom line 3rd from left, Tunc; bottom line 2nd from right, Kadir; top line 2nd from left)

1989, Original teletubbies

1990, 2nd Grade (Me;bottom line 2nd from left, Kadir; top line 3rd from right, Tunc; middle line 3rd from right)

1990, 2nd Grade, Report Card Day

1994, 5th grade, New Year

1994, School Play, Me, Cerem and those fuckin shoulder pads:)

1994, School Play (Me: 1st from right, Tunc: 3rd from left)

1994, 5th Grade, Graduation Day

1995, Kadir’s Birth Day

1997, Just Before graduating from 8th Grade, Me and Tunc

1999, Last Year of the High School

1999, Me, trying to make a complex number, more complex in math class


2000, ZFL, Graduation

2000, Tunc’s Graduation Day

2000, Bodrum (Me, Tunc, Kadir, Fatih Demirci, Cerem)

2001, Bodrum (Cerem, Fatih Demirci, Me, Tunc with his funny pose)

2001, Bodrum, BBC (Cerem , Tunc, Me)

2002, Zonguldak (Kadir, Me, Cerem, Tunc and my bart sheets)

2003, Kadir

2003, Izmir

2003, Me and Cerem

2005, Yokohama, Japan

2006, Agra, India

2006, Istanbul (Cerem The Killer Scarf :D, me)

2007, Seoul