By Daily, inward

You know what happened this morning?

I was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, feeling the sun, and listening to the waves,
for a second, everything was just like it used to be.

And….. then I blinked.

What is the greatest thing u ever saw?

By Daily, inward

Bob: Umm. One time when I was a little boy, I was playing with my slingshot and I saw this Jaybird. I don’t know why but I shot him. I didn’t mean to. I don’t even know why I shot at him, but I felt so bad, I started praying to God that he would come back. And all of a sudden the Jaybird woke up. He just flew away.

Katie: God saved him?

Bob: Yeah…. I think so.

Dead as dead can be

By Daily

After a long time, preparing for new challanges. Competitions always give me life juice so i’m going to squeeze some in Spain in february. But till that time as the commander said: “go ahead and play dead” (photos taken by Mustafa KURAL)

Koy Ekmegi

By Daily, Portraits

Last week we had covered more than 1000 km’s all around Istanbul. We made it through clubs, concerts, football games, … ,  known and unknown places, even forgotten villages…